Leading Innovation in Refractive Surgery at SMS Healthcare

Leading Innovation in Refractive Surgery at SMS Healthcare

At the Cutting Edge of Ophthalmological Advances

At SMS Healthcare, we take pride in being at the cutting edge of refractive laser technology. Our team, comprised of world-renowned refractive surgeons, positions us at the forefront of the industry. This vantage point affords us early access to the latest advancements in technology, enabling us to significantly enhance both patient and surgeon experiences.

In a recent exploration of the field, Dr Patrick Versace,shared valuable insights into the evolving landscape of ophthalmology. He underscored the critical role of advanced laser technology in the realm of refractive surgery. Our flagship refractive center, located at 580 George St, is equipped with three state-of-the-art lasers, symbolising the modern refractive eye care.

SMS invests in latest technology

A Collaborative Industry Approach

Our engagement with the industry extends beyond mere observation; we actively participate in molding the future of refractive surgery. Through rigorous testing and comparison of the latest products from leading brands such as Zeiss, Johnson & Johnson, and Schwind, we assess their impact on visual recovery and refractive accuracy.

This proactive involvement allows us to offer informed feedback that shapes the industry, ensuring that the technologies we adopt deliver the most beneficial outcomes for our patients.

About SMS Healthcare

SMS Healthcare is a private healthcare provider focusing on facilitating and streamlining patient care through multidisciplinary teams, short-stay hospitals and integration of healthcare services. The company has a national footprint and comprises primary care, diagnostic care, specialist care, day surgery and short-stay hospitals across multiple healthcare disciplines. SMS Healthcare focuses on achieving operational efficiencies and streamlining the delivery of healthcare to support connected patient care.

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