Southern Ophthalmology Joins SMS Healthcare – 2022

Australia’s largest eye surgery provider expands into South-Eastern Sydney & Wollongong

One of Australia’s largest corrective eye surgery providers, SMS Healthcare, has expanded its eye surgery services into south-east Sydney and the Illawarra, with the acquisition of Southern Ophthalmology, Kogarah, Miranda and Wollongong.

Demand for eye surgery, currently a $1 billion industry, is forecast to increase over the next five years, with highest growth expected in cataract surgery, laser correction and other types of corrective eye surgery.

Southern Ophthalmology founding partner, Dr Alan Flax, says finding the right partner to help move forward and maintain the clinic’s reputation as a leader in optimal patient care, was key to their decision to join SMS Healthcare.

“SMS Healthcare is a healthcare service leader, working closely with industry to onboard new and emerging technologies that achieve best possible patient outcomes.

“Through this new synergy we can expand the suitability of eye surgery to a larger group of people, while focusing on widening treatment applications.

“Together we can support faster patient access to the latest technologies through established collaborations and a broader professional support network,” said Dr Flax.

SMS Healthcare Managing Director, Carl Adams, says the new partnership aligns growing demand for elective eye surgery procedures with the company’s commitment to bringing the latest eye surgery and collaborative care advances directly to local communities.

“SMS Healthcare’s focus is on bringing the best treatments available and early technology directly to patients.

“We aim to make eye surgery more accessible to patients in southern Sydney and the Illawarra, while supporting our partner facilities with true value programs,” Mr Adams said.

“With an ageing population and a backlog of elective eye surgery procedure demand following the pandemic, Sydney Ophthalmology’s track record and legacy together with our value-add will ensure a streamlining of the patient journey.

“As we focus on integrating capability with a high level of patient satisfaction, together with our partners we’re in prime position to help increase patient access and provide suitable options to them,” said Mr Adams.

Southern Ophthalmology will continue to operate under its existing trade name with the support of the shared services team at SMS Healthcare.

About SMS Healthcare

SMS Healthcare is a private healthcare provider focusing on facilitating and streamlining patient care through multidisciplinary teams, short-stay hospitals and integration of healthcare services. The company has a national footprint and comprises primary care, diagnostic care, specialist care, day surgery and short-stay hospitals across multiple healthcare disciplines. SMS Healthcare focuses on achieving operational efficiencies and streamlining the delivery of healthcare to support connected patient care.

About Southern Ophthalmology

Southern Ophthalmology is one of South-East Sydney’s most recognised eye clinics. The brand was established in 2000 and currently comprises three clinics in Kogarah, Miranda and Wollongong. The brand offers adult and children services, including vision correction surgery, age-related eye disease, diabetes eye disease, cataract, glaucoma and strabismus treatments.

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