Dr Armand Borovik

Dr Armand Borovik

Cataract, Corneal and Refractive Surgery

Dr Borovik was one of four founding doctor partners at Southern Ophthalmology, a highly reputable General Ophthalmic business located In South Sydney.

Their team of eight experienced sub-specialists, including four associate doctors, work across three clinic locations Kogarah, Miranda and Wollongong delivering exceptional care to patients. 

In December 2022, SMS Healthcare were privileged to welcome Dr Borovik and his colleagues to the SMS Healthcare business. 

Dr Borovik shares some insights below on what that decision has meant for him. 

Why did you choose SMS Healthcare?

The opportunity to join SMS Healthcare allowed me to be part of a large, dynamic group with access to the latest technology and a fantastic group of peers. As a refractive surgeon I wanted to be aligned with a group which is poised to become the leader in the industry and prior to joining, as the only Refractive surgeon at Southern Ophthalmology I had nowhere near the reach that SMS has. I now have access to experts in marketing, business development, relationships with industry that provide early access to the latest technology and contemporaries to discuss difficult and interesting cases with. The reality is that only a larger group like SMS can provide such extensive resources and I am already seeing the benefits for my patients and our practice in the short time we have been part of SMS.
Dr Borovik with patient

What has the transition been like and what have you enjoyed the most?

It has really been a seamless transition. SMS have a lot of experience in the Ophthalmology space now and know where they can add value and know where to leave things be – why mess with a formula that is working if it isn’t necessary? I think the SMS management team have the wisdom to allow us to pick and choose from the resources they have at their disposal, and we integrate as many or as few of these into our day to day running of the practice as we want. For me personally, I have had many new opportunities to expand the geographic areas in which I can provide patient care, which has been fantastic. I am also part of the broader groups’ national Medical Advisor Committee which allows me to gain management insights from my colleagues around the country at other SMS facilities and contribute to how the overarching group functions. This is experience that I would otherwise not have gained and something that I value.

How are you hoping to develop your career within the SMS Healthcare network?

I am looking forward to expanding my refractive practice and streamlining my patient care to primarily focus on my areas of interest namely cataract, cornea, and refractive surgery. Being part of SMS allows me to be this focused due to the regular high quality education events they put on and due to the systems, they have helped to put in place in my practice. I am also looking forward to expanding our own practices as we continue to grow and to offering additional subspecialties out of our locations. Finally, the industry relationships that SMS has, allow us to continue to be at the forefront of new technology and allows for opportunities in research around this which I look forward to being more involved with.

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